Custom Jewelry and Engraving

Tips to Selecting the Perfect Picture to Engrave

When selecting a photo for engraving, look for one with strong contrasts (light and dark).  The photo should be focused.  A fuzzy picture will make a fuzzy engraving.

Facial expression gives life to the picture.

Natural light usually makes a better photo.  A flash can wash-out all the shadows that make a great engraving.

Photos in digital format are best.  We can use a photo from a cell phone, iPad, SD Card, USB or email.

Size Matters!  The higher the DPI (dots per inch) the sharper the image.

Although it is not ideal, we can scan a paper photo.  Again, size is key, the larger the photo, the better.  The largest we can scan is 8.5 by 11 inch.

Of all the elements listed above, the most important factor for a great engraving is contrast and detail in the photo.